Photos of Yorkshire and beyond, with educational photos, landscapes, people, events, and anything that catches my eye. In other words, People, Places and Things. Photos sold to a variety of clients, the latest being the Dalesman Publications. A substantial number of photos have appeared in Gervase Phinn's latest book "Yorkshire Journey". I supplied several photos of Rotherham, Wentworth and Doncaster. Images of Matchbox cars made by Lesney from the 1960's.
Danum Photos are endorsed by Prof Gervase Phinn D Litt, Tricia Campbell CBE, Councillor Paul Coddington, Civic Mayor of Doncaster 2008-2009.

Hundreds of photos of the ill-fated, short-lived, white elephant called Earth Centre. Designed to be a learning enviorment for sustainability, but instead closed after just a few short years due to high running costs and low visitor numbers, combined with funding which encouraged capital expenditure but not workforce expenditure.

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